NovelAI呪文まとめ - 二次創作用キャラクター生成呪文



hatsune miku, necktie,skirt,shirt,no sleeve


{{{kagamine rin}}}, black short pants,middriff,sailors,wide sleeves, black sleeves,bare shoulder,sleeveless,eye reflection, white sailors


kagamine len,male,boy,solo,child,headphone,blonde hair, {{yellow horn hair,spiked hair}},black sailors,{{hair between eyes}},short sleeves,yellow necktie,small ponytail, hair pulled back, nape, very short side hair,{{low ponytail}}

NG→ headband,{{{rin,hair pin}}},streaked hair,{{white ribbon,white hair ,ornaments}},sideburns,side hair,rabbit ears,long hair,bob cut,{{{high ponytail}}},


{{{{{kaito}}}}},{{kaito (vocaloid)}},{{1boy}},facial muscle,sharp nose,very short side hair,blue hair,aqua scarf,floating scarf,very short hair,white long jacket,closed jacket,

NG→ girl face,eyelashes,make up,large breasts,side hair,side bangs,long hair,bob cut,baby face,blazer,messy hair,child face,floating hair,twintails,necktie,forehead,shirts,bare shoulder,kagamine rin,hatsune miku


short hair,{{{meiko}}}, solo,brown hair,brown eyes,midriff, parted red vest, black vest,cleavage,short skirt, {{red wrist sleeves}},


promotional art, {{{hatsune miku, gochiusa}}}, flower headdress,too many flower, bloom light, bloom shadow, bloom reflect light, bloom hair, bloom clothes, 1girl, fantasy art, crystal art, aquamarine art, blue art, blue rose,flower art, crystal blue hair, fluttering petals, crystal light particles,flower light particles,bloom light particles, shiny hair, shiny crystal hair, blue princess, blue flower,shiny water skin, flower Japanese sleeves,off shoulder, snow princess, ultra detailed beautiful hands, own hands together, snow flower,winter,floating hair


{{flat color,white background}}, {{{symmetry background,symmetric}}},1girl,hatsune miku, closed jacket,funeral suit,blue eyes, own hands together,{{blue twintails}},holding red flower,black jacket, black necktie,colorful flower,cosmos,anemone,{{zebra horse}}


{{{masterpiece}}}, {{best quality,illustration, official art}},{{cinematic lighting,backlighting,frontlighting,shiny,lens flare,bloom efect, clothes reflecting light,light particles}},{{{{broken glass}}}},1girl,twintails,{{{hollow eyes}}}, silver hair,young,flat chest,{{{{monochrome}}}},layerd skirt,frill,ribbon, {{tired hair}},{{wavy hair}},white clothes,buttons,long sleeves, frilled sleevesl sleeves,white ribbon hair ornaments,{{multicolored eyes(blue eyes,purple eyes)}}, white shirts,white skirt, {{empty eyes}}},sitting on floor,pyramid ornaments,circle ornaments, ruins, destruction, breasts ribbon,dramatic shadows,floating hair, asymmetrical legwear,{{{long wavy twintails}}} {{{masterpiece}}}, {{best quality,illustration, official art}},{{cinematic lighting,backlighting,frontlighting,shiny,lens flare,bloom efect, clothes reflecting light,light particles}},{{{{broken glass}}}},1girl,twintails,{{{hollow eyes}}}, silver hair,young,{{{{monochrome}}}},{{{{{chest harness chain}}}}} , suspenders chain,{{flat chest}},layered skirt,frill,ribbon, {{tired hair}},{{wavy hair}},white clothes,buttons,long sleeves,white ribbon hair ornaments,red ribbon necklace, frilled sleevesl sleeves,white ribbon hair ornaments,{{{multicolored eyes(blue eyes,purple eyes)}}}, white shirts,white skirt, {{empty eyes}}},sitting on floor,pyramid ornaments,circle ornaments, ruins, destruction,dramatic shadows,floating hair, asymmetrical legwear,{{{long wavy twintails}}},


boy,high school boy, strong wevy hair, left side ponytail ,light pink hair, slanted eyes,long hair,red ribbon,black sailor with gray ribbon ,gray striped skirt,black thighhighs,



{{{chino (gochiusa)}}},outline,floating hair,cafe view,wind,fluttering petals,white rose,white flower,long sleeves,blue hair,long hair,hair ornaments,frilled sleeves,blue vest,black skirt,luminous iridescent glowing,bloom effect,lens flare,glitter,colorful light particles


tippy (gochiusa)



blonde hair,yellow eyes,boy,red robe,red hoodie,{{{black clothes,black high neck}}},long hair,parted bangs,braid hair,low ponytail,rope braid hair,child face,ahoge, edward elric,round eyes,serious,baby face, shading eyes, fullmetal alchemist

NG→ girl face,tough,adult,muscle,girl hair,nose blush,twintails,bun,long side bangs,sharp face,eyelashes,makeup,sweater


エルサ elsa(frozen)



{{masterpiece}}, {{{watercolor (medium)}}},{{{{{sharp lighting}}}}}},{{cinematic light,bloom light, light particles,1girl,solo,black beret,rose on beret, ribbon on beret}},wavy hair,pink beige hair,black skirt,green eyes,hime cut,flower,rose, Dahlia, Camellia,white background, side braid, white ribbon,medium hair,{{{flower background}}},shiny hair,shint skin,shiny clothes,shiny eyes,fluttering petals,red skin,{{light green shirts}},frilled shirts,{black cardigan},open cardigan, lolita fashion, corsage on cardigan ,light green skirt,{{hollow eyes}}


{{masterpiece}}, {{{watercolor (medium)}}},{{{{{sharp illustration,sharp lighting}}}}}},{{cinematic light,bloom light, light particles,powder light,{1boy,man,young},solo,black hair,red eyes, hair between eyes,{{ black chocker}},red shirts,black jacket,open jacket,belt chocker, t-shirt, butterfly, chaos color eyes(purple eyes,red eyes), english text print,2chockers,red chocker,black chocker,hoodie,school uniform,blazer,beautiful detailed hair lines,sharp hair lines,brown light,red light,yellow light,purple light

{{{{{{{{shin(amnesia) ,amnesia,amnesia(series),amnesia cloud,amnesia later}}}}}}}}, {{1boy, man, solo}}, memento mori ,ultra detailed beautiful bloom light, ultra detailed beautiful crystal shine, ruby,red diamond, garnet, anemone,rose, poinsettia ,red flower, sharp lines,cool,serious,{{sharp eyes}}, red flower light particles, ruby light particles, diamond light particles, flower light, ultra detailed reflect light, flower jacket,winter flower,bloom light,bloom jacket, watercolored shirts, shiny hair, garnet art, shiny skin, shiny clothes, shiny black hair, hair between eyes,short hair, ruby shiny eyes, bloom red eyes,gradient hair, black hair, rose hair, black jacket, {red round shirts,red t-shirts}, open jacket,chocker, crystal shiny skin, long sleeve jacket, Leather jacket,prince,floating hair, ultra detailed leather jacket,jacket reflect light,{host}, leather black pants,hand up, {{white background}}


{{masterpiece}}, {{{watercolor (medium),amnesia(series)}}},{{{{{sharp illustration,sharp lighting}}}}}},{{cinematic light,bloom light, light particles,powder light,{1boy,man,young},solo, hair between eyes, blonde hair, spiked hair,yellow eyes,{yellow shirt, striped shirt,black jacket,open jacket},English text print,sharp lines,green light,necklace,butterfly,white background


dedicate position,high quality,{{{{{{{ikki(amnesia),amnesia,amnesia(series),amnesia later,amnesia cloud}}}}}}},{{{{{boy,cool boy}}}}} ,young,solo,medium hair, bob cut,sharp eyes,parted bangs,high quality,silver hair, gradient hair, light particles,lens flare,beautiful detailed skin,beautiful detailed hair, high quality hair,floating hair, spade (shape) facepaint,{{blue shirts,striped shirts,black necktie}},long sleeves,beautiful shiny leather,blue eyes,{{hollow eyes}},serious,simple leather jacket, nape ,black pants,shiny leather jacket ,beautiful detailed boy body, flat chest, large pectorals muscle, hair between eyes,small arms muscle,male hands,male face,male eyebrows, male eyes, half-closed eyes, sharp nose ,long nose,light smile, {pull hair behind ear, ears visible through hair,ear},purple shadow eyes,blue rose,white rose,blue flower,crystal,aquamarine,dynamic angle, black background, rose thorn


ティファ tifa lockhart


ディズィー {{{{dizzy (guilty gear)}}}},yellow ribbon, off shoulder, belt,white sleeves,open jacket, midriff, underboob, Cleavage, black jacket, cute,long jacket,


椎名唯華(にじさんじ) {{{{masterpiece}}},{{best quality, illustration,ultra-detailed, highres, dramatic lighting,light particles,lens flare}}, {{{baby face, round face}}},1girl, light pink hair,school uniform,{{{low ponytail}}},red string ribbon, {{long hair}},pink eyes,red bow,beige sweater,red hairpin,red skirt, checkered skirt, white socks,gradient eyes,gradient hair(white hair, light pink hair),white background, {{symbol in eye, eye glitter, galaxy eyes,beautiful detailed eyes}},medium breasts, swept bangs}}},{{{hairpin on left bangs,{{{short side hair,short sideburns}}},{{{low ponytail,long back hair}}}, kagamine rin,red string hair ornament,{{{ponytail}}}

NG: [hair between eyes],hime cut,short hair,sideburns,high ponytail,short ponytail,realistic,3d,small breasts,galaxy background,twintails,hair bun,unhappy,tear,braided hair,trap,evil smile,

ましろ(にじさんじ) ultra detailed,black hair,solo, oil(medium),dark red sphere hair ornaments11,short hair,orange eyes, {{{solid circle eyes}}}, {{{round eyes}}},cute,circle pierces,{{{flat chest}}}, {{{{{two side up}}}}},{{{white shirts}}}, red scarf, shading eyes, suspenders, black necktie,black jacket,long jacket,dynamic angle,backlighting,monsters background,summon,light particles,evil smile ,dramatic shadow,shining cards,darkness, duel monster, shining circle, shining cards,dark red sphere hair ornaments, black pants,wind


Sharp chin, Slim face , half-closed eyes,eyeball,Well-defined eyes,hair between eyes, high school boy, male, {{red necktie}},solo, bowl cut, purple hair, no sideburns, hair between eyes, short hair, black jacket, white shirt, black pants, green eyes, open jacket,


{{{{big sunflower-hair-ornament at left side}}}}},solo,ahoge,medium bast,pink orange hair,bob cut, smile,open mouth, drooping eye,green eyes, school uniform, blazer, goofy,checkered skirt,black thighhighs,gray green skirt, blazer collar in white line


water-color ,Thin red ribbon, bangs,orange right eye,red left eye , solo, wavy hair,neck bow tie, pink sweater ,dark brown blazer,open jacket, ,light smile, closed mouth, twintails, blonde hair,pink gradient hair, star choker,,brown line,brown line shirts,star broach,thin ahoge, school uniform, checkered skirt, star garter belt, black thighhighs,


two-tone hair, white left hair, black hair,eyelashes,red eyes, ponytail, white ribbon,pink hair highlight,white sailors,long sideburns,cross hairpin, wing hair ornament

アルス・アルマル グレゴリオ風(にじさんじ) ultra detailed,detailed,best quality, beautiful detailed eyes, [watercolor(medium)], shining circle lines, light particles,star(symbol), white circle, dynamic angle,front, 1girl, silver hair, medium hair, sideburns, parted bangs, {{{eyes visible through hair}}}, long bangs, yellow diamond hair ornament,yellow ribbon hair ornament, aqua eyes, shading eyes, frill,white dress,buttons,belt, aqua ribbon,long ribbon, choker,back ribbon , long sleeves , reaching out,open hands, loose dress, small breasts,[child],young,cute, :D,



large breasts, black blazer,blazer collar in white line, yelliow clothes around waist, ,white shirts,light green skirt,very short socks,open jacket,very short hair, pink hair, short cut, ear, solo,blue eyes,short sideburns,


breast,twintails,black long cardigan,open cardigan,white shirts,light green skirt,white thighhighs, open jacket, pink red hair,black green long butterfly hair ornament at twintails,tsundere,blue eyes,evil smile


black jacket,blazer,blazer in white line,green skirt,white shirts,aqua sweater,black tights , headphones around neck, pinkbrown hair,long hair, hair over right eye, Jig eyes,big bast,


green ribbon headband with wire, green rabbit ear,solo,bob cut, school uniform,orange hair, blue eyes ,green skirt,black jacket, yellow sweater, open jacket,school


yellow star hair ornament on both left and right,2 stars,wavy hair, blazer collar in white line ,pinky red hair,solo,girl,orange hair highlight,,big bast,{pink sweater}, blue eyes ,{black blazer}, ahoge



{{masterpiece}},{{{yu-gi-oh! gx}}}, {{{{{judai yuki,yuli judai}}}}},{{1boy,boy,man}},solo, cinematic lighting,shiny hair,shiny skin,shiny clothes,shiny eyes,lens flare,,brown hair,red jacket,black shirts,open jacket,round collar shirts,floating jacket,white pants,belt,wind,serious,smile, duel disk, {{{round hair}}},


cute girl,6age, rain drop,wet,child,green hair, {{{{{ young}}}}},short wavy hair, twintails, small breasts, light smile, leaf,water,drop, kindergarten student, leaf in hand,carnivorous plant,sitting in water,red bubble,red drop,{red bubble hair ornament},yellow natural costume,shoulder strap,sleeveless,green bubble pierced earring, arm ribbon, yellow arm warmer,ribbon necklace,painting clothes,glowing eyes,

灰流うらら(遊戯王) solo, watercolor (medium),evil smile, tongue,open mouth,turning left ,white eyes,twinkle eyes,glowing eyes,hair red ribbon, girl,cherry blossoms at night,fluttering petals,wind,child, japanese clothes, girl,eyelashes, forehead,light brown cat ears,young,light yellow brown hair,short cut, ribbon ,bare foot, white clothes,black background,flying,

Live☆Twin リィラ(遊戯王) half-closed eyes, shark toy, white pupils,western comics (style), two-tone hair ,colorful hair, blue hair,yellow colored inner hair, streaked hair,bold line,anerican comic(style),anime coloring, chaos color hair,girl,child,cute,eyelashes,jig eyes,jitome,blue eyes,blue hair, white beret,white dress,blue ribbon,white socks with frill,blue skirt, shark(toy),blue jumper,blue jacket(star paint),open jacket, Somniferous eyes,sleepy eyes, short cut,holding shark toy,beret with blue ribbon,jumping,blue short boots,blue line under breast,small breast,

遊戯王オリカ作成 オリカメーカー | 遊戯王カードリスト・評価・オリカ

ultra detailed, detailed,/色合い/, kaleidoscope,black background,wind,eyes in shadow,dark blue,watercolor (medium), light,lens flare,shine, glowing,glitter,[composition kandinsky] ,/表情/, :),eyelashes, half-closed eye,/髪型/girl,cake hair ornament,dark black blue hair, hime cut bangs,parted hair,/服装/,nun,long sleeve,long hem,blue habit, (blue nun:2.0),blur hat,white skirt,open habit,,habit,frill,brue shoes, cookie necklace,/背景/, stained glass ,fruit tart particles, cake particles, sweets,heart,, light particles,cookie,fruit,puzzle particles,/ポーズ/, flying,jumping,full body, solo
NG: blonde hair,dwarf ,magical hat,{{{{tricorn}}}} ,beret,

マドルチェ・マーマメイド(遊戯王) ultra detailed, eyes reflection, watercolor(medium),dynamic angle, orange eyes,:),eye in shadow, orange hair,parted bangs,short hair,forehead,{{{orange heart}}}, {{{orange heart hair ornament}}},heart hair ornament,orange heart, maid,bow,long sleeves, black sleeves, dark brown long tights, frill apron, long apron, marmalade jam bottle, {{{{{sitting on jam bottle}}}}},{{{{{{sitting on marmalade jam bottle}}}}}},sitting on object, {{puzzle}}, puzzle shaped cookie, {{holding book}},open book,black book,hand on book, cookies,breads,fluttering cakes,cake particles, lace paper,small particles, patterned background, {{headdress}},symbol in eye, {{white collar}},{{orange heart hair ornament}}, twinkle eyes,eye hight light,smile,

マドルチェ・メッセンジェラート(遊戯王) ultra detailed, highres, best quality,watercolor (medium), {{steampunk}}, young,messenger bag, messenger,1boy,child,solo,dark green blue hair,chaos color cap(red cap,black cap), {{center parted bangs}}, visor,chaos color cape(dark red cape,gold line),green vest,hand on head,black jacket, open jacket,{{{{long sideburns}}}},,dynamic angle,black pants,gold belt, long jacket,red necktie,dark blue boots,{{{postbox (outgoing mail)}}}, letter,gradient background, snowflakes, flying,{{{{solid circle eyes}}}},{{{whipped cwhip, chaos color cream, whipped cream on postbox (outgoing mail)}}},cool, eye reflection, [evil smile], wide mouth,wind, children's book,Grinning,strawberry ice cream,cap ornaments,strawberry source, white gloves, floating hair, postbox (outgoing mail),


masterpiece, watercolor (medium), digimon, hime cut,long hair,1girl,{witch hat,magical girl},child,purple clothes, {{{purple art}}},pink hair, floating hair, dark purple witch hat,white ribbon on hat, {{{odd eyes,multicolored eyes,green eye,purple eye}}},beautiful detailed hands,{{white bow}},{{{ long skirt}}},parted skirt, diamond (shape), diamond print skirt,{{{panier}}}, {{puffy sleeves}},long sleeves, frilled sleeves, pink skirt ,turn collar up,purple jacket,long jacket, madeleine ,blue light particles, star (symbol), aqua light particles,sharp shadow,{{hand up, holding hat,hand on hat}},{{white hat shadow}},gradient background,night sky background,dark blue background,too many ornaments,{{{{floating hair}},flying,sitting


masterpiece,ultra detailed,{{{light particles,genome symbol,dynamic,floating chemical strings,magic effect,red effect,shadowverse,red shadow}}},{flat chest,contemporary},crimson hair,long hair,smile ,crimson eyes,vampire cape, stained glass,{{floating chemical structure,DNA spiral}},black clothes,{{sitting}},backlighting,arm armor,hand armor,gently smile,beautiful detailed red eyes,fantasy, knees up, hair between eyes, long pants,checked cape collar,layered armor,{{male hair}},{red jewel on head,male hair,messy hair,unkempt hair}, half-closed eyes, dramatic shadow



{{{kitagawa marin,sono bisque doll wa koi wo suru}}},high quality,blonde hair, gradient hair, light particles,lens flare,beautiful detailed skin,beautiful detailed hair, high quality hair,floating hair,white shirts,necktie